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Finding the way of tea

Taking time for tea is one of my favourite relaxing routines within each day. At bedtime, on waking, to find a few moments between tasks. It always gives me a little bit of space to stop.

When I visited Japan, I experienced a tea ceremony for the first time. Walking through a beautiful park in Tokyo, we crossed a little wooden bridge to enter a teahouse.

It was so calming to sit on the floor and watch the ritual. I remember walking outside and looking out over the water afterwards, skyscrapers in the background, feeling at peace.

Cha Dao: the way of tea

When I discovered LiYing’s virtual tea ceremonies at the start of lockdown, I was drawn in right away. She offers an hour of silent meditation, performing a ritual to honour the tealeaves before serving it to us in 6 cups. We follow along in our own space, pouring our tea and drinking together.

Often, the ceremonies end with a beautiful guided meditation. We imagine ourselves flowing up mountain streams to join the ancient trees, and the leaves which will become tea.

These ceremonies and the space LiYing holds within them have been my favourite virtual connection over the last 6 months. I’ve joined during a women’s circle, for early morning grounding, and evening relaxation. I leave feeling incredibly grateful and supported every time.

Connecting with nature

I love that in Chinese medicine, doctors are thought of as gardeners, caring for their patients naturally and holistically. I like to think of tea as tending to our roots, bringing us back to what’s important. Tea is a vessel through which we can travel back to our centre, and our connection to nature. It helps us connect to everything around us and within us.

Thank you so much LiYing for your beautiful time. If you’re interested in learning more about the Way of Tea and the lovely LiYing, you can find out more here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, I can’t wait to share again soon.

Georgia xx

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